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At Titan Hunting Blinds we are all hunters and we knew what we wanted in a blind, but we took our research even further by meeting with well-known professional hunters, big game ranch managers and, of course, the avid bow and gun hunter. Every hunter we spoke to provided us with ideas for what they wanted in their blind. We then took that information and broke it down into three specific requirements that we designed our blinds around. What we developed was a blind that exceeds the needs of hunters at any level.
Douglas Feeders offers the highest quality & silent feed dispenser products.
Trusted by farm owners, hunters, livestock, deer, chickens, dogs, horses & even fish to complete satisfaction.  
Get your Douglas silent auger dispensing lower units, feeders today.


Phantom Blinds are the best overall design and value hunting blinds for archery and rifle hunters. The company, founded by Matt Miller & Carl Sonnier, is locally owned and operated. All blinds are manufactured and assembled in Texas and Louisiana. 


 The all new for 2021 Suspect HOOT!! The small and compact HOOT produces pictures up to 30 mp, 1080p HD video and runs off of 6 AA batteries!! Has a large viewing screen for very easy setup and picture viewing! 

The BH755 camera is named after Bobby Hatton, longtime Coal County Deputy Sheriff and Undersheriff. 755 was Bobby’s badge number as a street cop. He and Suspect Game Cameras founder Jarel Bailey worked in law enforcement together for many years. Bobby was a man of great integrity with a niche for LE work!  He also loved to hunt and fish, killing many large bucks, hogs and turkeys in Southeastern Oklahoma. 

Antler Edge® isn’t just a whitetail deer attractant. It's a nutrient-rich, protein-packed powerhouse designed to grow big-bodied bucks with mammoth antlers. 
Antler Edge® is formulated for optimal results to give YOU the edge over that cunning mature buck. No fillers. 
No cattle salt packaged in a “deer feed” bag. No least-cost rations. That is our guarantee.

Create extreme attraction to pull deer in from longer distances
• Provide exceptional nutrition to aid in body and antler growth
• Keep deer at locations where folks can hunt them
• Hold up to weather 

Ultimate Antler will allow your animals to reach their maximum genetic potential. It can be used as a complete feed, a supplement feed, and also as an attractant. Ultimate Antler is not only a protein feed, it has the key minerals blended together that allows your animals to grow larger, thicker, more dense antlers.

Ultimate Antler is comprised of 20% protein, made from natural products, such as soybean meal or cotton seed meal. Ultimate Antler contains no urea, chicken feathers, or other non-natural products. Ultimate Antler has key minerals such as selenium (number one mineral for antler growth), copper and zinc (maximizing blood flow), and adding additional calcium (aiding in hardening of bones and aides in lactating does). Ultimate antler also has sodium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, manganese, Vital Amino Acids, and Vitamins A, D, and E.

Ultimate Antler is for, but not limited to, whitetail deer, elk, mule deer, red deer, and fallow deer.